Friday, April 6, 2012


Our steel erectors, Mike and John, have finished installing most of the steel trim on the outside of the house. The trim provides a clean finish at places where the building materials have been cut roughly and where we've used expanding foam insulation to fill the gaps between the walls and roof. Trim is generally a decorative element, whereas flashing is used to keep water from infiltrating the house. At tin box, both the trim and the flashing are made from sheet metal which has been finished in the same Kynar coating as the wall panels.

The front porch shows the different kinds of trim used around the house. The edges of the roof use a two-part trim assembly to account for slight variations in the roof thickness and to align with the gutter that runs along the lower edge of the roof. There are pieces of trim at each transition between the walls, including inside corners (just to the right of the front door), outside corners (at the edges of the porch), base trim (to clean up the lower edge of the wall panels) and a kind of cornice where the top of the wall meets the underside of the corrugated b-decking.

Where the beams and purlins poke through the walls, the erectors installed the pieces of trim that we made using the CNC milling machine. In this photo, the head trim above the door and window still needs to be installed.

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