Friday, December 16, 2011

more wall panels

The insulated steel wall panels are going up at the garage and the front porch, and by the end of next week we should have most of the wall panels in place. We'll write about the installation process (and sing the praises of our installers) later. Right now, we wanted to share some photographs of the panels in different light conditions, to show how the color and texture change with the weather and time of day...

These two photos, taken minutes apart, show the porch in direct sun and under overcast skies. The change in color is remarkable, as is the difference in the way the wall panels' surface pattern reads. In fact, changing light conditions affect the appearance of any surface. It just seems more palpable here.
The peeling skin on the surface of the wall panels protects the painted surface during transport and erection.
The wall panels have a Kynar 500 resin coating, with a PPG Duranar color coat. Our color, Silversmith, is pretty boss. The exposed fastener - which only happens at the corners of the building or around openings - will be covered with a piece of flashing finished to match the wall panels.


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