Surface Workshop - Kaelsie Saravia built cabinetry that looks awesome, functions flawlessly and uses sustainable materials that were hard to source in Miami.

The Energy Store - Paul Farren knows more about generating and conserving electricity than anyone we know, and he shares his knowledge liberally.

Astor Windows - Carlos Paesano provided and installed our impact windows and doors, and handled our unusually tight tolerances.

Urban Greenworks - James Jiler designed and installed the native and edible landscapes around the house.

Broward Solar - Jim Coryell installed our solar hot water system, and is a model of honesty and competence.

Sunshine Solar Services - They are honest, knowledgeable and dependable, unlike our first two photovoltaic subcontractors.

Natural Resources Pest Control - A terrific company that took care of our ant problem efficiently and sustainably.

Wiremasters Electric - Kent Crook is one of those generous and knowledgeable people we were lucky to meet while building the house.

Strong Plumbing - Angelo Pavon helped us correct a serious problem with the installation of our graywater system, and we will happily use him again.

Habify - Buck Reilly has a great breadth of knowledge of how to build and retrofit sustainable environments. Buck offers LEED certification services, and Habify sells a number of terrific products and materials.

DB Green Integration - Lorna Bravo is a LEED consultant who performed the Florida Water Star and Florida Friendly Landscape certifications for tin box. She's brilliant.

David Trautman - David was our Architect-of-Record, and helped us navigate the process from permitting through construction. He is a great resource for anyone building in South Florida.

Quality Auto Repair - Ok, they're not really construction related, but this garage has the best service we've found in South Florida.

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