Saturday, March 10, 2012

foam insulation

We spent much of Thursday and today spraying foam insulation into the gap between the wall panels and the roof decking. Normally, the insulated steel panel system completes the weather seal (and insulated envelope) with a boxed-out soffit detail at the roof, but we thought this configuration would make the roof look too thick and clunky, so we decided to use expanding foam  insulation to provide the moisture and thermal barrier between the wall and roof. So what is this stuff made of?

The insulation is a polyurethane foam that adheres to the steel panels and structure, then slowly expands to fill all the voids between the structure, wall panels and roof decking. It is a two-part spray that mixes in the nozzle - the green color indicates that the blue and yellow components have mixed correctly. The foam hardens pretty quickly - it's firm in under a minute, and can be trimmed right away. Because it expands so much, we need to cut it back to allow our steel erectors to install the last pieces of trim.
Holly rented a 4x4 scissor lift to help us access the  eaves. Awesome machine. Highlight of our weekend.


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