Thursday, December 15, 2011

wall panels, continued

The erection crew put up the first two wall panels this afternoon, in between solving one problem (the screws provided were too short) and running into another (the third panel would line up in a spot with no supporting girts or other structure). Nonetheless, the installed panels give us a good idea of how the exterior is going to come together. The silver finish (seen here with Holly peeling back the protective plastic wrap) is really beautiful. Because it reflects so much of the ambient light around it, the silver finish appears to change color as the viewer moves. It also changes as the light fluctuates between direct sunlight and the indirect light of an overcast sky.

A view of the exterior base detail, where the panels sit above the base flashing.

The panels look really good inside, too. We're already getting a sense of how the color and texture of the panels works with those of the steel structure and galvanized roof decking.

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