Thursday, December 1, 2011


Our steel erector set the insulated panels in place on the upper roof yesterday. These panels, each 42" wide, run the full 18' length of the roof slope in order to eliminate the kinds of lap joints that might leak. The standing seam joints between the panels also eliminate leaks (by raising the seam well above the roof surface) and hold the panels in place by crimping around the stainless steel clips that are screwed through the corrugated b-deck and into the z-purlins.

The installation process includes two kinds of sealants to complete the moisture and thermal barrier:

There is a butyl tape that sticks onto the underside of the standing seam, and a tube sealant that gloops into the joint between the panels. The tube sealant stays pliable for about an hour, which gives the crew time to prepare the panel and slide it into place.

We'll write more about the upper roof, but for now, two observations: the Galvalume finish is matte enough to eliminate the glare that we saw on the galvanized b-deck (which will make our neighbors happy, insofar as we'll stop blinding them every time they leave the house), and the 42" spacing between the seams of the roof panels makes the roof look less broad than the 6" spacing between the corrugations of the b-deck.

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