Friday, September 16, 2011

more purlins

All of the steel purlins - the secondary structural elements that support the roof - are in place, and much of the blocking (light gauge steel members that keep the purlins from twisting in place) has been installed. The next step is to complete the blocking and add the roof decking, which is corrugated metal sheeting that helps provide lateral stability for the roofs when subjected to high winds. After that, the roofs will be ready for the exterior panels that provide insulation and water proofing, including the roofs' galvalume finished outdoor surfaces.

Having the purlins in place now gives us a very strong idea of the scale of the house, especially in its interior spaces. On the whole, the proportions and scale are what we anticipated when we designed the house. We're eager to see what it will be like with walls and furnishings.
The purlins also give us a sense of how easily a steel structure can span great distances and enable broad flowing spaces. The vistas here are mostly going to be divided up by partitions - nobody wants a transparent bathroom - but we designed the house to take as much advantage as possible of the spatial flow made possible by the lack of bearing walls throughout the house.

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