Saturday, October 1, 2011

roof decking complete

The erectors completed the roof decking this morning. We're now ready for the insulated roof panels to go up (then wall panels, then windows and doors). The house is looking pretty cool.

A view from the northeast, through the master bath and family room, with the courtyard and kitchen beyond.

The family room as seen from the kitchen, through the courtyard. The quality of light throughout the house is close to what it will feel like in the finished house. The galvanized underside of the B-decking - which will be the finished ceiling - and the light gray concrete floor reflect a tremendous amount of light. The result is a warm, soft glow throughout the house.

The view of the courtyard from the kitchen gives an idea how much indirect light we'll have in the kitchen, as well as how much shade we'll have in the courtyard (this photo was taken just before noon).

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