Saturday, April 14, 2012


On Wednesday, our cabinet maker installed the first run of cabinets in the kitchen. These are the base cabinets under the big window facing the courtyard. After the drywall and other heavy work in the house is done, we'll install the drawers, doors, appliances and countertops. For now, the carcasses of the base cabinets give us a better idea of the scale of the room and the relationship between the kitchen and the courtyard. We also get our first hint of the warm wood tones that will contrast against the prevailing cool grays of the steel, concrete, drywall and glass.

The carcasses are made from formaldehyde-free plywood with a maple veneer on the outer surfaces. The plywood is considerably cheaper than the Plyboo (bamboo "plywood") we're using for the drawer fronts and cabinet doors. On the surfaces of the cabinets that are exposed, such as at the two ends of the kitchen, we're using a bamboo veneer that matches the drawers and doors.

The run of cabinets facing the window will include the stove, sink and dishwasher (the prominent voids in the cabinets), and will have a 22-foot Richlite countertop, interrupted only by the stove and sink. This is going to be an epic place to make dinner. The other side of the kitchen (to the right in this photo) will have a run of 8-foot-tall pantries, as well as the refrigerator. There is about six feet of clear space between the tops of the pantries and the underside of the air conditioning ductwork, in case we need to add more storage space later, or in case the house is taken over by hoarders or preppers.

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