Saturday, February 25, 2012

progress photos

Some photos of the house, now that the doors and (nearly all the) windows are installed. The front door is large (8 feet tall), which makes the porch seem smaller in photographs like this. We're trying to imagine how to furnish the porch, and how to (legally) install the supergraphic street number I've always craved.

The courtyard looks great. The doors we're using as windows over the kitchen counter roll beautifully, and the glazed openings on each side make the courtyard feel like an integral part of the house.
The doors between the courtyard and the dining and living rooms open telescopically, leaving most of the eleven-foot-wide opening clear.
The transparency between the interior and exterior makes both feel larger than they are, while the discrete separation between these areas gives each a more intimate scale.
The low-e coating on the windows and doors gives the interior a slightly greenish cast. This is really only noticeable when compared to earlier photos, but it may affect how we light and furnish the room.

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