Thursday, September 22, 2011


Our erector started installing the roof decking yesterday. These gorgeous corrugated sheets are High Shear B Deck (HSB-36), a structural roof decking that comes in 36" wide and 1.5" deep sheets. The decking is fastened to the z-purlins with TEK screws (which don't need a pre-drilled hole), and will act as a structural diaphragm under the insulated roof panels, which are also structural. Together, the decking and roof panels will deal with the combination of tensile, compressive and shear forces generated by hurricane force winds. They will also support the weight of the vegetated roof that we plan to add someday.

The B Deck will also make for a great ceiling, in combination with the z-purlins...

The view from the porch gives a sense of the scale of the decking's corrugations in relation to the z-purlins and steel beams. The color combination looks pretty good, too, in our climate. The brilliant sunlight, the dramatic gray skies of the afternoon thunderstorms and the rich colors of sunrise and sunset all look great against tin box's pallet of grays and silvers.
The porch and the front of the house from the southwest.
The garage and the front of the house from the southeast.


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