Thursday, March 31, 2016


With our garden supplying prodigious amounts of greens, tomatoes, and other vegetables, we've been enjoying a lot of salads. Holly found a brilliant method for making, storing, and transporting up to a week's worth of salads, using Ball jars, and it's been really easy to do. The key is layering...

We add ingredients in layers, starting with dressing at the bottom - to protect the greens from getting soggy - followed by a layer of protein. In this case, we've got white beans, but we also use black beans, chick peas, and other legumes. In this version, we also added mulberries from the back yard. On top of all that, we add a layer of tomatoes, shredded carrots and cucumbers, and other vegetables.
On top of all that, we add a layer of greens. We've had a bumper crop of lettuces, Chinese cabbage, kales, and other leafy greens. They'll stay crisp and fresh all week long as long as they sit on top of the other ingredients. Then we just cap the jars and take them to work, where we shake up the jars and pour out the salads. They travel well.

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