Friday, April 17, 2015

garden, feral edition

So, while I was in Ethiopia and Tanzania conducting research toward the next book (or two), the garden kind of went feral. It's been very hot and dry in Miami, which has stressed a lot of the plants. The greens have bolted and the sweet potatoes have wilted, but a few plants really thrived. This pile of tomatoes came from a volunteer plant (possibly a Roma hybrid) that plunked itself in just the right location.

The pepper plants were productive in my absence. These small red peppers are slightly sweet, and will make a good sauce with the tomatoes.

The other three types of tomatoes - Cherry, Yellow Pear, and a Green Zebra that goes yellow with time - are all good salad tomatoes.


  1. I would like to know what are the better conditions to grow the plant, here in USA

  2. Here in Miami, plants like tomatoes and peppers need good soil. We've amended our soil with organic material (composted kitchen scraps and horse manure) to enrich the soil with nutrients.

    Peppers like these can grow throughout the year, but tomatoes prefer the cooler weather in Miami, from September to May.