Thursday, July 11, 2013

garden, July harvest edition

Summer is the slow season in South Florida gardens. The heat and humidity send most food crops into dormancy, leaving us with just herbs and tree fruit. But there are still some vegetables out there, like the eggplants and jalapeño peppers (left). Today's harvest included them and some sweet potato greens, sweet potatoes (harvested a couple of weeks ago), lemongrass and Thai basil.

The sweet potatoes, greens, jalapeño, lemongrass and basil found their way into a simple sautéed curry, with sweet peppers, snap peas, celery and turmeric from the grocery store. It's a lightly seasoned dish, which lets the rich flavors of the lemongrass and basil build depth - alternating between citrus and savory - alongside the sweetness of the potatoes, peppers and snap peas.
The eggplant ended up in an even simpler dish with some store-bought tomatoes, garlic and black olives. I should have added thyme and oregano, which we have in huge quantities in the garden, but it still ended up pretty good.

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