Sunday, December 2, 2012


Last week's harvest brought us a nice range of salad fixings. We had our first cucumber, a bunch of tomatoes, some baby lettuces (including romaine and red leaf), sorrel, and cranberry hibiscus. The last one is new for us - it's a tangy, citrusy leaf that brought a lot of flavor to the salad (and we're not the only ones who like it). The sorrel, too, made for a great contrast with the sweet tomatoes and the crunchy, though largely flavorless, cuke.

We've got more tomatoes and cucumbers on the vine, and have four big avocados waiting to be sliced up. We've also seen our crop of Okinawa spinach grow to the point where we can harvest a meal's worth of it, unlike a number of other leafy greens which have suffered from peafowl predation. We're hoping that some of the other greens and bigger veggies (eggplant, peppers and squash) are going to start booming.

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