Thursday, May 10, 2012

progress and gardening

Our septic tank and drainage field were installed last week. This required removing the construction fence in front of the house, which gives us our first broad views of, and from, it.

The excavation left us with large piles of coral rock, and a hankering to do something about the landscape. Our initial plans called for planted areas along both street fronts, but now we're thinking about building raised planting beds out of the stone. The coral rock is relatively light, and so easy to move. We started laying out boundaries for the planting beds today, and it's a real treat to work at full scale, using the actual materials, rather than designing with small-scale drawings.

The coral rock has a gorgeous golden tone, but it will quickly weather to a light gray. It should look very good against the silvers and grays of the house. The stone's rough texture - and the verdant mounds of the vegetables, fruits and herbs - are going to contrast nicely against the crisp lines of the house.

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