Monday, May 14, 2012

lust for lights

We've been doing a lot of shopping for light fixtures over the last two days, with a series of unsuccessful hunts for simple cord sets (literally a cord and socket with which to make a pendant lamp) leading to interesting discoveries of LED exterior lights and other things we'd had trouble finding. One of today's trips netted four lights for our bathroom vanities, sort of. We found a 20" long LED fixture by George Kovacs (left) that will be perfect in three of the bathrooms. However, the factory has a backlog of 6,000 orders to fill before we'll get our lights (we were promised mid-June) which we read as an exciting indication that energy-efficient lighting has come of age as a first choice for homeowners. This is a very good sign, not least because it suggests the economy is rebounding, but especially because companies are making, and customers are choosing, energy-efficient options. We found a similar dilemma with dual-flush toilets. A very promising sign indeed.


  1. I am always on the hunt for light fixtures, as well. If you are looking for a simple cord set, you could use Ikea's Hemma cord set ( For a hardwire pendant fixture, just cut off the plug end and couple with a canopy (like this from home depot: or this from west elm: I have this setup over my dining room table (for now, anyway.)

  2. Laura, you are so right. Holly's going to head up to Ikea and buy a bunch of their $20 pendant light sets ( We'll just ditch the shades. It's amazing how hard it is to buy this kind of item. Incidentally, the West Elm fixtures (that industrial pendant of theirs) are boffo.