Thursday, March 8, 2012


Our plumber has been completing the rough plumbing this week. He installed two bathtubs, which involved using a fairly dry mix of cement to level and support the tubs. The photo at left shows one of the tubs filled with water. The tubs are connected to the graywater system, which will eventually provide the flush water for the toilets.

The white box in front of the tub is where the washing machine will connect to the water supply and the sanitary drain (the septic system). The light blue plastic conduit carries electrical lines, including the power for the laundry equipment. The red and (dark) blue supply lines are cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing supplying hot and cold water.

The PEX tubing has some advantages over the traditional copper it replaces. Copper has a heavier environmental footprint, for example, and PEX is lighter and much less expensive to install. The connections between PEX lines are crimped, not soldered, and involve brass fittings (elbows, tees and caps) held in place by tightened bands.
The small blue dot is the PEX cold water line for the hose bib outside the family room. We had originally planned to use reclaimed graywater for irrigation outside, but our plumber convinced us to use potable water, given the possibility that people might drink from the hose.


  1. you could've solved that with a siple sign saying "WATER NON POTABLE"........don't think your plumber had a strong enough reason not to go with graywater.

    besides this, you guys are doing a great job, and I admire and commend you on your commitment to the sustainability cause

  2. I agree, Gianno. Every time we compromise on a small sustainability measure, it feels like we've given up something. The good news is that we'll use rain barrels (collecting water from the three low roofs) for most of our landscape needs.

  3. Great construction. There is no doubt that the plumbing service and repairs will turn out to be good in their hands.

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