Thursday, December 1, 2011

roof, again

An addendum to our earlier post about the upper roof. The first photo shows the upper roof with its b-deck sheathing, while the lower image shows the insulated roof panels installed. One difference is reflectivity; the galvanized b-deck is almost mirror-like, and reflects light much more brilliantly. In fact, it casts the kind of harsh glare that caused the Miami Marlins to revise the finish on their new stadium in Little Havana (see below). The duller finish of the galvalume paint on the roof panels, however, moderates the amount of sunlight reflected into our neighbors' houses, which is a good thing.

The other difference has to do with grain and pattern. The wider spacing of the standing seams in the roof panels makes the roof - and the house as a whole - seem less broad than it did when the roof was covered with just b-decking.

We're curious to see how the roof changes when we install the photovoltaic panels. In the meantime, bonus photos of Miami's biggest tin box, the new Marlins stadium:

The new stadium is huge. The retractable roof (to keep the air conditioned air inside in summer... I know... don't get me started) was finished in beautiful silver metal panels, but these were too reflective, and created safety concerns on the two highways that pass the building. So they covered the metal with a fabric or film that has reduced the glare and, inadvertently, made the whole thing look like the Hindenberg.
Yes, it really does look like this in December.

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