Wednesday, November 9, 2011

partitions, p.2

In the week since we wrote about laying out the interior partitions, Pedro and his crew have completed most of the framing. The light gauge studs and track, which were supplied as part of the prefabricated system (along with the heavy steel frame and the insulated exterior panels), go up pretty quickly. The studs are easy to cut, carry and fasten, and they have holes in them to allow plumbing and electrical lines to be laid easily. The metal studs also have the environmental advantage of being made largely from recycled steel.

There is a little bit of lumber in the house. We're using standard dimensional lumber - 2x4's - at the door jambs and heads in order to provide a stiffer framework for the doors and their frames. This is necessary so that the partitions don't shake too much when we slam the doors.
We worked with Pedro and his crew to adjust the placement of some of the partitions slightly in order for them to align with the purlins and beams, whenever possible. This will make it easier for them to connect the partitions to the underside of the roof, where the corrugated b-decking and purlins are going to make for some tricky detailing.
Unlike the heavy steel frame for the house, the light gauge framing is going to be completely concealed by drywall. This is a shame, given how beautiful the galvanized studs can be, but there just wasn't an opportunity to leave them exposed.

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