Sunday, November 20, 2011


Our mechanical contractor began installing ductwork this week. The segment in the living and dining rooms (pictured here) is the most prominent piece in the house, and it was the first to go up. It will remain exposed, along with the structure and the electrical conduit.

The ductwork has a layer of insulation between two walls of metal to keep the air as cool or hot as possible between the air handler and the register. This kind of ductwork is more expensive, but the insulation makes the system more energy efficient and prevents condensation building up on the ductwork, and the metal lining inside helps keep the air free of dust and mold.

The ductwork also responds beautifully to the changing light conditions inside the house:

The ducts have a galvanized finish that's similar to the corrugated B-deck above. These two photos, taken about a minute apart, show how the ducts, like the decking, the steel frame and the concrete floor, reflect the changing color and intensity of light outside. The house's colors and geometries also contrast against the lush vegetation surrounding the building in a way that complements both. We've expected these kinds of effects, and it's really wonderful to see them happening.

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