Friday, August 26, 2011

flash urbanism, food truck edition

We just returned from Food Truck Invasion, a weekly event which is probably the largest and loudest food truck gathering in South Florida. About 60 trucks set up shop in Tamiami Park, outside the county fairgrounds and next to FIU's main campus. Hundreds of people come out, drawn as much by the spectacle of the crowd as by their jonesin' for a minuta sandwich or plate of yaroa (imagine poutine crossed with a cheesesteak). It's a wonderful experience.

As we've argued earlier, these events create an instant urbanism in a region that craves community and civic engagement. The trucks line up in two rows to define a street-like space in which to stroll, linger and enjoy dinner. But as Harlan, tin box's sports editor commented tonight, it's a little ironic that we have to go out to a park in the suburbs to enjoy what is essentially urban street food. How can we make Miami and its neighboring communities more conducive to the street life we find at the food truck gatherings?

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