Tuesday, August 23, 2011

awaiting Irene

This week was supposed to be busy at tin box. We were expecting a much-delayed delivery of light-gauge steel and fasteners, which we needed to install roof purlins (which are supposed to be corrected on site by the fabricator, who delivered them without the holes they need to be bolted in place). But then Irene came.

More accurately, Irene threatened to come at the end of this week. As the cyclone reached tropical storm strength over the weekend, the forecasts from the National Hurricane Center (pictured at left) predicted that the storm would reach hurricane strength close enough to Miami to threaten our new roof framing, so we've decided to delay installation of the roof purlins until next week.

Our erector believes the primary frame should be fine in its current state. We're going to keep an eye on the rainfall and drainage on the site, to see how well the ground handles intense rain events.

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