Friday, July 22, 2011

site visits

One thing we like about the LEED process is its emphasis on education. The USGBC knows as well as anyone that sustainable building practices need to be widely known in order to be widely used. Clients, designers and builders need to know about alternatives in order for us to change decades of habits, customs and traditions. And thus was born this blog.

But we also see tin box as an opportunity to exceed LEED’s education requirements.
We’ll host tours of the house for building officials in order to introduce them to some of the novel technologies, and to press the case for changes to building and zoning codes. We hope to interest trade groups, too, in order to demystify these technologies for builders and tradespeople.

The most fun part of this, however, is walking the site with students and faculty from FIU. My colleagues and I have some extraordinary students, and we’re lucky to have a chance to work with the people who are going to shape Miami and the world long after we’re sitting back on the porch, sipping lemonade.

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