Sunday, June 5, 2011

day job, day 35

Tomorrow is my last day of archival research in Rome. Tuesday I’ll be coming home to a happy – and extraordinarily patient – family, and, hopefully to an awesome new concrete slab.

Despite the rubric under which I’ve been posting notes about my academic work, it’s worth noting how integral these practices are. Research, analysis, interpretation, teaching and design are facets of a single disciplinary stance toward addressing the world’s needs.

Vittorio Gregotti, the brilliant architect whose work includes design (at a number of scales), historical research, theoretical speculation, publishing and teaching, argues that, “for an architect to edit a magazine, like teaching, or participating in public debates, is a way of cultivating theoretical reflection, not as a separate activity, but as an indispensable part of design craft. Indeed, theory and history have been and still are, two important constituents of design, at least for my generation.”

I agree.  

[Vittorio Gregotti, “The Necessity of Theory,” Casabella 494, 1983, quoted in Kate Nesbitt, Theorizing a New Agenda for Architecture, p.23.]

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