Sunday, May 15, 2011

smells like... victory

Victory is ours!

Back in April, we got to attend a gala for Dream in Green, a Miami-area sustainability initiative, thanks in part to the generosity of Greg Hamra. The event featured a silent auction which included, among the usual vacation packages and whatnot, an awesome dual-flush toilet by Caroma. We just found out that team tin box prevailed. Actually, we're not sure anyone else bid on this beauty. No accounting for taste.

Caroma is an Australian company that has spent years developing plumbing fixtures that use water sparingly. Their local distributor, Alterna, is also a good source for other sustainable construction materials, like bamboo plywood and recycled paper countertops.


  1. We make good dunnies down here.

  2. dunnies? awesome! new vocabulary!

    y'all have some great technology, Lu

  3. I do believe the dual-flush toilet is one of our greatest inventions. i am truly surprised that it was invented in 1982!

  4. In fact we are looking two Caroma models for our home, the Adelaide and the Brisbane. I think we'll take one of each.

  5. Lucy, that historical account is awesome. Australia rocks.
    Greg, that's very cool. I am really looking forward to installing ours. We're going to get three others, too, though I don't think we've selected models, yet. Let me know what you think of the Adelaide and the Brisbane.