Tuesday, May 24, 2011

our Italian cousin

It seems tin box has a cousin in Florence. This apartment and retail complex in Florence has some of the same material finishes as our house’s exterior: a metallic silver paint and a galvalume coating. We’ll have the silver paint on all the exterior wall surfaces, and the more economical galvalume will be on the roof. It was great to see how the silver paint reacts to bright sunlight. It was particularly nice to see that the reflection isn’t blinding, but instead rather soft.

update: I’ve now stumbled on four electric car charging stations in Florence, and one of my local contacts maintains that the popularity of electric cars owes in part to the fact that they are permitted in the limited traffic zone in the city center. And now I read, via fellow BAC alumn David Silverman, that Boston is getting charging stations, too. And they're cheap...

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