Sunday, May 8, 2011

fiat lux

Check out the large array of solar hot water panels at the Vatican. This is one of at least two solar installations at the Vatican. The other is a gorgeous photovoltaic array atop the audience hall designed by Pier Luigi Nervi.

Back in the US, the New York Times summarized an industry report on solar-generated electricity that includes a juicy list of the top ten p/v states in the union.
Florida comes in sixth, with just a quarter of the capacity installed in New Jersey. The 5kW array at tin box isn't going to close the gap between the Sunshine State and the Garden State. Heck, we won't even catch the Silver State at this rate. It's worth noting that while four of the top five states have very low humidity and thus high insolation (sunshine hitting the ground) rates, but solar is still big in the northeast, with New York and Pennsylvania joining Jersey in the top ten.

update: a glance at the photovoltaic array on the top of the (Pier Luigi Nervi-designed) papal audience hall at the Vatican.

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