Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the third shoe falls

Big plumbing stuff keeps arriving, unexpectedly. This time, it is the graywater filtration tank, which is made by Brac Systems, in Montréal. The tank wasn't supposed to get here until the garage was ready. But then again, the same was true of our rainwater filtration equipment. Our living room is getting crowded.

The item we needed from Brac, was the sump pump (see photo after the break).

The sump pump will sit in an accessible cavity below the floor slab in the garage. It is necessary to pump the graywater up into the filtration tank, after it has drained into the sump pump. The purple PVC is the drain line leading into the sump pump (en route to the Brac tank), while the white PVC drain takes the overflow from the tank (in case we  produce more graywater than we consume) to the septic system. There is a check valve in the white pipe to prevent blackwater from backflowing into the graywater tank. 'Cause that would be gross.

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