Friday, April 29, 2011


We're getting close to the big concrete pour. Now that the utilities are all in place and have been inspected and approved by the city, the concrete subcontractor can finish setting the steel rebar in place. Sort of.

The steel rebar handles all of the tensile forces within the foundation and the slab, while the concrete takes the compressive forces. The steel also ties the slab and foundation together into a single monolithic structure. Depending on where it's used, the steel can be as big as 7/8" in diameter (the vertical bars in the footings) or as small as 3/8" (the square rebar ties in the image to the left). Most of the steel in the rebar is recycled.

On Monday, the rebar will be joined by steel anchor bolts, which will be cast into the concrete footings to connect the steel structure to the foundation.

So why "sort of"? A couple of things have to happen before the concrete pour. We still have to spray the soil under the house with an insecticide, and then we need to lay a plastic vapor barrier on top of the soil. The tricky part will be laying the vapor barrier under the rebar that has already been set in place.

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