Friday, April 15, 2011


The map function that Blogger offers to help us track the blog's readership just turned Miami into a big orange (dot), which indicates 1,000 page views from computers, iPads, cell phones and coconuts strung together in the Miami area.

Blogger also tells us that tin box has been accessed from IP addresses in Vietnam (hi, Eytan), Finland ('sup, Tony), Cape Verde (xox, Patti), Australia (Lucy and her whole family, it seems), Lebanon (Elie), Germany (Kirsten), Indonesia, Singapore, the UK, Iran, Nigeria, Chile, Russia, Italy, France, Spain (ciao, Ricardo!) and Canada. Let us know where you are, and what you'd like to discuss at tin box!


  1. Hi David: your blog is like a good episode of Grand Designs, minus the patronizing comments from Kevin McLeod. I'm enjoying every entry, and learning bits and pieces about US construction along the way. I note on the map--now look more closely there--that your biggest Aussie following is actually in Tasmania, sustainability capital of Oz and the home of the very first Greens party.
    Keep it coming

  2. Sydney, Australia - Hello! [in a gravelly Larry King voice]

    That's cool about Tasmania, Lucy. Are these friends of yours? I assumed Perth was Henry's family.

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