Saturday, April 14, 2012


We have to admit that when we first started talking about making the house a habitat for wildlife, we were thinking roof gardens and native plants. We did not plan on steel walls making a home for critters. Apparently, the local creatures are pretty resilient, and they've adapted quickly to the house. In fact, we've started re-looking at the house with an eye toward eliminating areas that could become wasps' nests or other unwanted habitats.

If you're not familiar with Florida, this is pretty common behavior for lizards. We can't take credit for "creating" habitat. We just get to share it.

(this is a nice detail shot of the window jamb trim, right, and the corner trim, left, in relation to the striated wall panels)
Nor can we take credit for the peacock's morning ritual of saluting the house...
It's just his mating dance, which he won't even interrupt for a line of contractors' vans.

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