Monday, September 26, 2011

unintended irony, golf cart edition

photo by Adam Feinstein
Kudos to FIU for investing in golf carts with solar panels on the roof. Self-powering vehicles are an ingenious idea, especially in a sunny place like Miami. It will work more efficiently, though, when the drivers stop parking in the shade.

Our pursuit of more sustainable practices sometimes requires rethinking pretty good habits. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to park in the shade in Miami. Our black bicycle saddles reach osso-bucco-braising temperatures after just a minute in the sun, and the Prius gets hotter than an EasyBake oven if you leave it in the sunlight. It's probably hard to break these habits when you sit behind the wheel of an electric golf cart. And there are probably much bigger paradigms we need to change as we retool our civilization to prevent catastrophic climate change.


  1. The newest Prius model has solar panels on the roof to keep the car cool until the driver returns. I bought a used '08 model, though, and I was delighted to see MPG ratings in the 50s during an August trip to NH and back.

    Nice blog! I'll keep reading.

  2. Thanks, John. It turns out we're in the midst of a multi-post series on biking this week (bike lanes, bike commuting, bike advocacy), and I was about to pen something about the Green Mobility Network and other grass roots organizations. So you've definitely been on my mind.

    By the way, did you notice a difference in the Prius's mileage going north (uphill) versus south (downhill)? Coasting down here from the mid-Atlantic, I swear I got 63mpg in a 2007 model.