Thursday, August 18, 2011

swimming upstream

Yes, that's a Mercedes-Benz straddling the sidewalk outside our favorite restaurant, Whisk.

Making our city more accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists is an important goal, and good design is key to realizing those ends. We can make streets for walking, rather than conduits for motor vehicles, for example. But design can only take us so far.

We have to change our culture, too. And in Florida, this is an uphill battle. The recent New York Times article on pedestrian deaths in the United States, "On Wide Florida Roads, Running for Dear Life," notes that the poor design of Florida's roads only partly accounts for their extraordinary number of fatal accidents. The article describes the baffling habit of some drivers who speed up when they see pedestrians crossing the street. Closer to home, we've discussed the danger of unsafe streets before, but at some point we need to find a way - as a society - to inculcate a culture of safer streets. We're open to suggestions.

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